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    Dr Lima has provided exceptional care for me-from the surgery to repair my shattered arm (I now have 95% full function back) to treating issues with my knee. He listens and spends a lot of time answering my questions; I fully trust his advice. His PA and office team treat me with the same respect and great care. Highly recommend Dr Diego Lopes De Lima.
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    I had a great experience with Dr. Lima’s team.
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    Called last minute in a lot of pain, found time for me, at 10:30 I was taken in at 11:15. Doctor and assistant were great, diagnosed and prescribed meds and pt. Next day 80% relief. Pt won't be til next week.
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    Very professional and helpful office staff. Dr. Lima and his associate very cordial and explained and answered any questions we had. Would highly recommend Dr. Lima. Great surgeon!
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    Dr Lima is very professional, knowledgeable, kind, caring and listens to all concerns, takes time to answer questions too, he truly has my best outcome as his priority!
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    Dr. Lima is amazing. I’m so glad I went I went to see him when I needed an orthopedic surgeon. His staff is great also.
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    I had surgery with Dr Lima , I just have to praise the competence and attention of the entire team.